Anthropology geek and bass addict turned glitch hop producer, WALA’s eclectic musical style is a reflection of her past experiences around the world, infusing Indian percussion and heavy bass, with glitched out middle-eastern sounds thrown into the mix. She has shared the stage with artists like Freq Nasty, ill.Gates, Marty Party, NastyNasty, and Minnesota.


That Drop article

It’s no secret that the electronic music industry has traditionally been dominated by men, but the landscape is changing. One new project, Amplify Her, is diving into the fray, exploring the rising women of electronic music and their stories. More than just a film, Amplify Her combines a mini-documentary, graphic novel, and motion comic series to create a body of work that focuses on 8 leading ladies in electronic music: Lux Moderna, AppleCat, Blondtron, CloZee, WALA, A Hundred Drums, Kytami, and ALIA.

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Tara Williamson

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