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Our 7-chapter graphic novel and motion comic series is based on the rise of seven real-life women from the film, each navigating the international electronic music scene while wrestling with her own personal struggles. Our seven characters are propelled off the big screen and into fictionalized worlds, imagined by a team of female writers, illustrators and animators. Each chapter looks and feels a little different. Together they tell the story of a new era of female empowerment.

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Chapter 1
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Chapter 1:Above The Noise
featuring A Hundred Drums

Gabrielle’s a girl who knows what she wants. That’s why when she starts seeing Sid, a hit music producer, his ‘plans’ for her just don’t sit right. Eventually, the pair go their separate ways and Gabby assumes all is well. That’s until a friend alerts her to a nasty post Sid wrote online, hurting her career and reputation. Gabrielle looks into her past to find the truth she always knew existed - that nobody can take music away from her.

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Chapter 2
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Chapter 2: Masquerade ​
featuring AppleCat

Backstage before a big performance, AppleCat begins to take inventory of her ‘masks’. Pulling them out of a drawer, she recalls the story of how each mask came about, and the purpose it served. As the show draws near, AppleCat decides to try on her ‘first mask’. While exploring its origins, she is interrupted by her daughter Chloe. Startled by her mother’s appearance, Chloe pulls off the mask and AppleCat is forced to confront the truth: that approaching the world with clear eyes might be the best way to open up to new perspectives.

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Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: The Long Shore
featuring CloZee

Chloé finds beats all around her. Inventing guitar riffs from her bedroom in Paris, she receives word that she has a 3-stop music tour booked in India. But when she arrives, she quickly learns the promoter (and the audience) were expecting a hot chick who spins bubblegum house tracks. Dejected, she deep-dives into the oceanic depths of self-actualization; and after making a few discoveries along the way, emerges to own her talents and find her real tribe.

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Chapter 4
Coming Soon

Chapter 4: A Song of Vines
featuring Lux Moderna

A musician choked by the vines of a mysterious disease, Madeline spends her days living out a fantasy life in a video game, all the while wondering what happened to Lux - her childhood muse, a mirror of herself - who gave her strength and inspiration. One day, the vines pull her down deeper than ever before, where she’s reunited with her better half and learns to live with her disease (rather than trying to banish it). Only then can she finally share her sounds with the world.

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Chapter 5
Coming Soon

Chapter 5: The Keytone
featuring Blondtron

This futuristic tale opens with a machinist putting the finishing touches on his life’s work: Blondtron, a robot designed for complete independence. When his employer (the Corporation) reveals their plans to roll out the Blondtrons as a line of generic programmed Party Bots, the machinist steals a moment to code a secret message inside his flagship model. After breaking out of Corporate HQ, Blondtron realizes that her power lies in her unique sound - but she has to command the city’s attention before the Corporation catches up with her.

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Chapter 6
Coming Soon

Chapter 6: Volante
featuring Kytami

In the grips of a totalitarian regime, a little girl sits on her balcony, listening to the sound of illegal music drifting up from the Underground. Soon after, she gets a front-row seat to an unforgettable night - Kytami, the beloved rebel musician has been betrayed by her closest allies. She must use her unpredictable powers to escape from the Regime officials. What Kytami doesn’t realize is how intimately her instrument is connected to her own physicality... and that she has more control over it than she once thought.

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