Annie Nocenti

Annie Nocenti is a writer, editor, teacher and filmmaker. Her documentary Disarming Falcons was featured at DOC NYC 2014. She taught filmmaking at the Indigenous Film Circle in Finmark, Norway, to Native Americans in Tulsa, and in Haiti for two years, for which she was awarded a Humanitarian award at the Tulsa International Film Festival. Her series Goudou Goudou can be found on Her journalism has appeared in Details, Scenario, Stop Smiling, Filmmaker, and more. She has written notably about Balochistan (The Most Expensive Road Trip in the World, Best Travel Writing 2008, edited by Anthony Bourdin). Nocenti also writes and edits comics. She was an editor at Marvel Comics (X-Men, New Mutants) and wrote Catwoman, Daredevil, Longshot and Typhoid Mary. Her work can be found at her website


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