DJ Applecat

“A Revolution without dancing is not a Revolution worth having”

International Storyteller, beat weaver, poet, and vocalist AppleCat was raised on the West Coast of Canada. Poetry, somatic sounds and grace mix with live mashup, reworking and mixed tempo sets bending the perception of “genre”. She blends melodic cosmic sound, with deep carval bass – plus her own little “je ne sais quoi.”

Additionally AppleCat also founded the playful sensuous night Erotica Electronica on the West Coast.
EE is a non-intimidating look in to the world of alternative sexuality and dance. This underground music, circus, flow arts and performance-art focused event encourages attendees to explore their sensuality and deeper connections to their psyche in a safe environment they feel is natural without the social constructs of what that SHOULD look like.

What’s next for this Sassy Cosmic Carnal Dragon Kitty? Only she knows….


Molly Applejohn

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